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Batman v Superman Review

Hello, people! So I’m back with a film review: Batman v Superman review. It feels like it’s been a long time since I posted a review that isn’t about books. (I know this blog has a “books and travel” subtitle, but now and then there will be posts about films as well.) I suppose because there aren’t that many films that really pique my interest lately. Yes, I’ve seen a few enjoyable and stunning movies this year, but nothing made me think about it all day and night, you know? Nothing like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games films. Not that I should only do reviews of those films, which what I’m trying to change.

So despite the mixed and unfavorable reviews, I was still quite excited as I was planning to see Batman v Superman with a friend. Perhaps it’s because I have a soft spot for Batman, which I’ll tell you more about it later. And surprisingly, I walked out of the theater feeling quite satisfied. Continue Reading

Fangirl: What are the signs?

— Rest in Peace, Alan Rickman. You’ll be dearly missed. —

Hiya peeps! Two weeks into 2016, how has it been treating you so far?

To be honest I had a mild breakdown last week, but it’s safe to say I found a way to cope with it. My goals this year include not to get stressed a lot that might cause me to relapse! So I gotta learn how to live with it and make peace with everything.

Okay, that’s for the heavy part. Now let’s get on to a lighter topic: How can you tell when someone’s a book/film fangirl or fanboy? (I’m going to use fangirl from this point forward, so it’ll be easier. I have no intention to be sexist or whatever!) Continue Reading

The End of The Hunger Games Era

It’s less than a month away until Mockingjay Part IIs release. Will I ever be ready? No is the absolute answer. I can still clearly remember the day I watched Part I. I’d sat nicely and everything in my seat, the film was about to begin, and I shouted to my friend that I wasn’t still ready. It’s as if I’d skip the days so I don’t have to go through it. But things must come to an end. (Sometimes I feel like non-readers or moviegoers would come across my words and think, “What’s life problem is she having?” But no, not a life problem. It’s just a fangirl’s common and daily dilemma. It’s very real, though). Continue Reading