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5 Reasons Why I Want to Visit Melbourne Again

September 2017. I stepped in Melbourne for the first time! I went there alone but stayed at my cousin’s place. The weather was much colder than I expected, and honestly speaking, it hindered my exploring a bit. But nevertheless, I had a great time! Had it been summer, I’d have enjoyed the trip more. Continue Reading

gardens by the bay

A Stroll at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

It was a humid day in Singapore. I forgot how hot the little country could get. But that didn’t stop me to wander at this humongous park that goes with the name of Gardens by the Bay. I got to say that even though it was Sunday, I didn’t feel so much suffocated by the crowd. Can you believe it’s 101-hectare wide? Continue Reading

malang bromo

End-of-Year Trip to Malang

I was looking for any chance to travel again since my last trip to Bandung in May (read my post about the city here). My days are filled with work now, and while I’m grateful for that, my wanderlust is getting stronger than ever. That’s why when my friend asked whether I wanted to join her and her other 2 friends in visiting Malang, I didn’t think twice to say yes.

Continue Reading

Top 5 Things to Do in Bandung

While I spent most of my time growing up in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, a lot of my friends still do not know that I was born in Bandung, the capital city of West Java. I spent the first six years of my life there, and while I don’t recall many childhood memories from that period, I still find I keep returning to this city. Bandung is well known for its great places to eat, chilly weather, amazing sceneries, and countless adventures. Being only 3 hours away from Jakarta, the city has always been Jakartans’ most favorite getaway destination, especially during the weekends (I avoid visiting the city on weekends). It’s common to find traffic in Bandung on the weekend where the roads are filled with B license plate number – with B being Jakarta’s area code.

That being said, what do I find are the best things to do in Bandung after experiencing it numerous times? Keep reading to find out! Continue Reading

bali suluban

Back in Bali Again after 15 Years

At times I thought that Bali was overrated; maybe because I’m an Indonesian and I suppose foreign tourists tend to visit Bali the most in such abundant destinations in the country. It’s common to think that perhaps Bali has become a country of its own due to how well-known the province is.

Or simply considering that I lived there for 3 years, when Internet was not common and I was still in early grades of elementary school thus I didn’t bother to find out I lived in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Seriously, of all places in Bali I only visited Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach, and Tanah Lot, where the last two were only visited once. We weren’t an affluent family that we could plan a trip somewhere whenever we could. My parents didn’t have time for that.

So I kept on living and shrugging off the notion “Bali is paradise”; it’s great if you think of that, but I don’t really care. Until this generation uses social media as a way of living and I can’t help myself to be sucked into it and see these amazing travel photos on Instagram from around the world, including Indonesia and Bali. Then I began to hope someday I could return as a traveler and see those breathtaking, Instagram-worthy places with my own eyes. Continue Reading

Short Getaway in Hong Kong

Hello, November! Please be sweater weather soon.

I’ve decided to make this blog having both book/film reviews and travel posts. Hope that’s all right with you.

Anyways, I went to Hong Kong last week. It was a very short-but-still-satisfying trip; I was there for roughly 5 days, including 1 full day where I was just on the road, or in the sky for that matter. That was the first time I travel by myself, ever. And it wasn’t domestically, too! I never ever flew by myself, let alone having connecting flights. For a person with anxiety like me, it was helluva stressful situation.

Thank God I made it. Continue Reading

A Visit to Cathedral

(Thought I’d write something different than just reviews. I plan to write more about travel on my blog page anyway. Hope you enjoy!)

I’ve always loved ancient buildings and old architecture, especially those in Europe. There’s just something special in looking at them, as if we’re taken back in time to relive the old days. It’s been my dream to one day go there and soak in all the beauty in every corner, even as  I casually stroll up and down the street. Say, Vatican. To stand before the St. Peter’s Basilica is among the top things on my bucket list.

Although, at least my visit to the Jakarta Cathedral kind of satisfied me enough. Continue Reading