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Heist, Car Chase, and Music: Baby Driver Review

I was ecstatic to find out that Baby Driver was finally coming to Indonesia! I’d been wanting to see this film ever since I saw the trailer, like, back in March? It came out in America around June, and I had to wait more than two months to finally see it. Thankfully, the wait was worth it because I really enjoyed watching it! Continue Reading


Dunkirk (2017) Review

I’m gonna be honest with you. I hadn’t heard about the Battle of Dunkirk, or the Dunkirk evacuation, before the news of Christopher Nolan’s newest project arrived. After learning about it and patiently waiting for the movie, I finally watched it last weekend (and today!). My thoughts? Christopher Nolan is one of the greatest filmmakers ever.

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wonder woman

Wonder Woman Review

Girl. GIRL GURL. What a time to be alive as a woman! Wonder Woman was one fantastic superhero film. I was IMPRESSED. Tell you what, this is the movie I’m gonna be talking about all month. Continue Reading

logan review

Logan Review

Where to start? To say that Logan was a remarkable movie would be an understatement. It was more than just “remarkable” or “astounding”. Nonetheless, I was awed and immensely touched by it.

That’s a rare effect, seeing it came from a superhero movie. Continue Reading

fantastic beasts

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Review

I might sound like a broken record every time I express my deep and profound love (or obsession?) for Harry Potter. I don’t want to bore you with details; let’s just say it was almost my everything. Yes, that sounds terribly exaggerating, but you should’ve seen me in my younger years to understand what I mean.

It all ended in 2011. But one day in 2013 some news about wizarding world dropped and once again shook the world. Or at least mine. Continue Reading

miss peregrine review

A Disappointing Adaptation | Miss Peregrine Review

When I found out that there would be an adaptation of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Tim Burton would be the one directing it, I knew this film would have an amazing story line and great visual. I have to be honest though, I haven’t delved much into his filmography. I gotta say that Alice in Wonderland is my favorite, with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory coming in a close second.

Unfortunately, Miss Peregrine didn’t quite live up to my expectation.

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suicide squad review

Are You the Devil? | Suicide Squad Review

When the first Suicide Squad trailer hit the internet last year, with that haunting “I Started a Joke” cover in the background, it immediately captured my heart. My initial reaction was I had to see this as soon as it hit theaters. From the look of it, I imagined this movie to be that kind that has every little bit of madness, peculiarity, and brilliance. Just the right type for me. Plus, it’s DC. Ever since I was introduced to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, I’ve been rooting for stories from DC Comics. Personally, I like darker stories, which so far what Warner Bros has been selling.

But a year later, after seeing the movie just last week, has it satisfied my high expectations? Continue Reading

xmen apocalypse review

X-Men: Apocalypse Review

First things first, I have watched X-Men: Apocalypse twice. TWICE, guys! My love for the X-Men franchise goes back to the days when I was still in school, naive, and hadn’t learned much about the world. This was before Nolan’s The Dark Knight made everything less important. This was my first love for superhero characters. This is the real deal. I had loved the old Professor X and Magneto even before the younger versions made an appearance. I stopped following the franchise after the third movie came out, but when one day (I actually don’t remember when and how) I saw clips of First Class on TV or something, I fell in love again with it. After so many years, now we’re finally in the home stretch (or is it?) of the prequel trilogy, and I still love it despite what the reviews say. Continue Reading

batman v superman review

Batman v Superman Review

Hello, people! So I’m back with a film review: Batman v Superman review. It feels like it’s been a long time since I posted a review that isn’t about books. (I know this blog has a “books and travel” subtitle, but now and then there will be posts about films as well.) I suppose because there aren’t that many films that really pique my interest lately. Yes, I’ve seen a few enjoyable and stunning movies this year, but nothing made me think about it all day and night, you know? Nothing like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games films. Not that I should only do reviews of those films, which what I’m trying to change.

So despite the mixed and unfavorable reviews, I was still quite excited as I was planning to see Batman v Superman with a friend. Perhaps it’s because I have a soft spot for Batman, which I’ll tell you more about it later. And surprisingly, I walked out of the theater feeling quite satisfied. Continue Reading