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Book Talk: Why I Haven’t Read Much in 2017

As you can see above, the subtitle of this blog says “book and travel”. Supposedly I talk about books here most of the time, right? Reviewing the last book I read, analyzing characters, or discussing a favorite author. But it hasn’t been like that this year. Continue Reading

book to film adaptation

Book Talk: What A Good Book-To-Film Adaptation Should Have

Ever since I was introduced to books and Harry Potter (I feel like I can’t write a post without mentioning Harry Potter even just once), reading and watching movies have been my top two hobbies. Although, sometimes I get bored easily, so between those two activities I also love browsing the internet A LOT. Then I get it when people say they don’t like reading books/novels because of the length and repetitive visual (meaning, all you see in a novel are just words). Some of them prefer comic books, because of the pictures and short dialogues which make them easier and take shorter time to read. Some of them prefer not reading novels altogether, and see the film adaptation instead when there’s any. And that’s completely fine! I’m not here to judge anybody’s hobbies. Besides, for book readers, what’s more pleasing than having a book adapted into a film, right? I believe seeing your characters come into life is one of every bookworm’s dreams. It’s mine, too, definitely. Continue Reading

harry potter spell tag

Book Talk: The Harry Potter Spell Tag

Hello people! I recently found this tag on a fellow book blog by Jollygirl (you can visit her blog here). Besides reviews she also writes poems there, and they’re amazing! Anyway, as I stumbled upon this tag that she did, I thought, well, it’s a Harry Potter spell tag so this shall be fun! So without further ado, here’s my version of it. Continue Reading

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Book Talk: Books That Make Me Want to Travel

As I’m re-branding this blog to have more travel edge to it, I try to incorporate it with books in the posts. Obviously not all posts will be like that; mostly there’ll be standalone posts. But I’ll combine the two whenever possible.

There’s a quote floating somewhere that says books will take you places, or something along that line. That is absolutely true, by the way. I believe books are magic portals that can bring you to another world not seen by our own eyes that as we’re flicking through the pages, even though our body is still rooted in the same place, our mind is off wandering somewhere. Try it yourself if you don’t believe me.

Then, at the same time, these books will ignite the urge from within to go out and travel right away as your eyes skim through words after words depicting a building, a scenery, a neighborhood, any other setting somewhere else, somewhere real, or even words pushing you to go out there and find what the world has in store for you. Just picturing yourself as the character in the book taking a stroll in Paris, or taking a road trip in Indiana isn’t enough; you’d want to do those things in real life. Continue Reading


Book Talk: My Top 5 Bookstagrams!

Hiya, people! In the past year I’ve been trying to turn my Instagram into a more conceptual account that contains photos of books and travel places. The reason why I want to transform my Instagram is because I’ve been inspired by all these accounts who post mainly books (and some have travel photos) on their profiles. This type of account is called bookstagram, because, you know, books and Instagram! They all have beautiful photos and arrangements of books! I know, it’s just an object with a rectangular shape with a size of your hand, or just a little bigger than that. But somehow I love them!  Somehow they could urge me to read more and actually collect books and store them in a pretty and calming shrine that I can admire any time. That sounds crazy when I let it out of my head, but what can you expect? I am crazy. Continue Reading

Fangirl: What are the signs?

— Rest in Peace, Alan Rickman. You’ll be dearly missed. —

Hiya peeps! Two weeks into 2016, how has it been treating you so far?

To be honest I had a mild breakdown last week, but it’s safe to say I found a way to cope with it. My goals this year include not to get stressed a lot that might cause me to relapse! So I gotta learn how to live with it and make peace with everything.

Okay, that’s for the heavy part. Now let’s get on to a lighter topic: How can you tell when someone’s a book/film fangirl or fanboy? (I’m going to use fangirl from this point forward, so it’ll be easier. I have no intention to be sexist or whatever!) Continue Reading

My 2015 in Books

First of all, Happy Christmas to all of you who celebrated! It’s a bit late, but they say it’s better than never.

The saying is tedious, but I do truly feel this year flew so fast. Only when I look back do I realize I’ve lived for another 12 months. I try to come up with something original and awesome, but I can only say it’s been one crazy year. Things went up and down that I don’t know how I got here.


Anyways, I set up a goal on Goodreads to read 20 books this year. For most readers that’s probably a low number, but honestly I can’t really commit to read heaps of them just because I don’t want to feel pressured and I tend to read slowly since I don’t want to rush finishing book after book. Besides, I’ll be beyond disappointed in myself if I can’t achieve it.

I ended up reading 22 books. Continue Reading

The End of The Hunger Games Era

It’s less than a month away until Mockingjay Part IIs release. Will I ever be ready? No is the absolute answer. I can still clearly remember the day I watched Part I. I’d sat nicely and everything in my seat, the film was about to begin, and I shouted to my friend that I wasn’t still ready. It’s as if I’d skip the days so I don’t have to go through it. But things must come to an end. (Sometimes I feel like non-readers or moviegoers would come across my words and think, “What’s life problem is she having?” But no, not a life problem. It’s just a fangirl’s common and daily dilemma. It’s very real, though). Continue Reading

Book Talk: Top 5 To-Read Books

A random thought:

As promised in the previous post, I’m going to tell you how I would sometimes buy a book on impulse. First of all, I get stressed A LOT by many things. When I was in school or uni, I’d get stressed because of the assignments and exams. When I was writing my thesis last year, I got so many breakouts on my face because of my anxiety issue. Now, it’s stuff from work. It’s something I can’t get rid of easily. Thus, sometimes I go to a bookstore and get a book without planning. I know I’m not the only one having this feeling; buying a book – or anything else that you love – on impulse can give you such an inexplicable rush when you’re in a bad mood. It distracts me from any problems I’m having for a moment, and gives me something to look forward to despite all difficulties I have yet to solve at work. Once, I bought Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell before I went to the office, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Every avid reader has one major problem in their life: a never-ending list of books they want to read. (Then it’s followed by the second less-major problem: not having enough space AND money. If any of you has a solution to this case, please DO tell me.) It’s as if our reality isn’t a hassle enough to spare us time to finish the list! I have no idea why it keeps growing, heavy sigh.

I also have that kind of list, not-so-surprisingly. Sometimes it indirectly makes my dad upset, too, as in you-need-to-save-money-and-there-is-not-enough-space-for-all-your-books upset. Don’t worry, dad. I notice that. I’m way more upset, anyway. But for this post only, I have shortened the list into my top five to-read books (it’s not easy, don’t try it). Without further ado, here we go: Continue Reading