Ahoy! I’m Lia Levina, was born in ’92, and am from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Initially I created this blog as a platform to share my love of books and films. Stories, basically. But lately I’ve been inspired to travel more. Honestly, I’ve wanted to do more travelling since forever and I want to actually do that now. Thus I decided to make this blog as a place to share my passion in both books and travel (I try to post as much about travel as I can since I currently lack thereof).

Things I enjoy are including talking to myself, spending hours browsing the internet (for pictures of breathtaking sceneries and dogs, usually), daydreaming about my life had I been accepted at Hogwarts, attempting to paint galaxies, singing to One Direction songs, planning trips that mostly don’t succeed, and reading (and sniffing the smell of new) books.

Another thing: I believe we all can find our own happiness. This is my happiness, this is my passion, and I will continue to not let other people tell me otherwise. And hope you will, too.