5 Reasons Why I Want to Visit Melbourne Again

September 2017. I stepped in Melbourne for the first time! I went there alone but stayed at my cousin’s place. The weather was much colder than I expected, and honestly speaking, it hindered my exploring a bit. But nevertheless, I had a great time! Had it been summer, I’d have enjoyed the trip more.

This was my second time boarding the plane to another country alone! And let me tell you, it was still as nervewracking as the first time. But I definitely didn’t enjoy the plane ride this time around, at all. I couldn’t sleep and lost my appetite. The acid reflux was acting up again. One thing I’ve learned from that plane ride: night flight was no good for me.




Despite the misery in the airplane plus the first couple days there (while adjusting to the weather), I can’t help making (still imaginary) plans of my second visit to the capital city of Victoria. Here are the reasons why:

1. I love me some bookstores and Melbourne has tons, compared to any place in Indonesia


In Indonesia, reading has never been instilled in our culture. Not really. Thus my bookworm soul was elated when I saw so many bookstores here and there. Mainly you can find Gramedia, a bookstore chain, in almost every mall in Indonesia. And that’s it. There are bookstore chains that sell imported books, but not many.

In Melbourne, there are not just bookstore chains but also indie bookstores!

Honorable mention: The State Library of Victoria



2. I’ve always wanted to visit Europe and see their architecture. In Melbourne, I could finally see a glimpse of that!


By the way, if you always find it hard to stand cold like I do, bring a thick coat when visiting Melbourne around winter. I thought it was already spring, but clearly, I was wrong. The wind blew so strongly even when the sun was shining, I couldn’t withstand it. As I hinted earlier, this weather situation was not ideal for my city exploring. I wish I could have wandered around more and taken photos of those European buildings.


Did you know? St. Paul’s Cathedral is actually an Anglican church.

3. Art is visible and appreciated appropriately in Melbourne.

I may not be a huge fan of art museums, but there are forms of art that I enjoy. My friend Valianda suggested I visit ACMI or the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. I only wandered in the Screen Worlds museum. There, I spotted Cate Blanchett’s Oscar, a replica of Mad Max’s V8 Interceptor, and learned about many more interesting facts, cool gadgets, and objects surrounding the world of film.

Then there is Hosier Lane. I knew there were other lanes whose walls covered with arts, but I only managed to go to Hosier Lane, which I believe is the most famous one. I was lucky that an artist was there as well, getting ready to create a new wall art.

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4. I’m not a fan of coffee, but Melbourne is said to have the best cafes

As you can see below I don’t have photos of Melbourne cafes. And while I don’t drink coffee, I still enjoy cafes! But I guess I was too preoccupied with visiting touristy places that I considered hanging out in a cafe would be wasting my time. That’s why it’s on this list; my next visit will definitely involve ordering non-coffee drink or food and see whether Melbourne truly has the best cafes.


5. Clean public places and tourist spots!

Okay, I’m aware that this is just an excuse because you can find other cities with clean places apart from Melbourne. I have yet to discover the true reason why Melbourne is named the most liveable city. But in my short time there, I came to appreciate the sight of gardens and benches. It’s a stark contrast to what we see in Jakarta.



Thank you for reading!

Until next time 🙂


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