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Reflection #2: An Invisible Safety Net

Goodness, it’s been more than a month since my last post! How y’all have been? I hope life treats you well. I’ve been caught up in work and other fixations, like new TV series (Legion! A Series of Unfortunate Events! Rewatching Stranger Things!), that I don’t really want to make the time to write and read. Soz.

But here I am back with another Reflection post!

This past week I’ve been leaving office a bit later than usual. The workload is actually still the same; maybe it’s just my running out of ideas that has been keeping me from coming home at the usual time. However – this may surprise you like it did me – I don’t find the situation inconvenient at all. Apparently.

You know, more than a year ago, if I had found myself in such situation, I would have been grumbling so much about it mentally. (Because let’s be real, I’m not a vocal person). I had always tried to get home on time based on my shift. With this current job, I am completely okay with it. This realization just appeared a few days ago! And the difference between this and previous jobs was significant that I felt the urge to talk about it.

About a year ago I was really struggling inside. I had no idea about what I was doing, what my life was becoming into. I would at times cry, because I was just tired of trying. Maybe I wasn’t really trying enough, I don’t know. Frustration filled my days. Then something good came along. Thank God it did.

Here’s to those who struggle with their current issues. Who don’t seem to see an end to their issues. Who think they aren’t good enough. Something good will come along, if you believe it, and if you take actions to make it come true. Perhaps you don’t want to hear something religious, that’s okay. But personally for me, at the end of the day, it’s hugely relieving to know that there’s someone bigger than you that will take care of everything you’re going through. Like a safety net, only it’s invisible.

Besides, I truly believe that success doesn’t only come from hard work, and yet success won’t arrive if you do nothing but pray. They both must work together, and one day you will see it come to fruition.

So, as those South Koreans would typically say in this kind of situation, fighting!

Expect to read my review of Logan in the next week! Or two. Ciao.

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