logan review

Logan Review

Where to start? To say that Logan was a remarkable movie would be an understatement. It was more than just “remarkable” or “astounding”. Nonetheless, I was awed and immensely touched by it.

That’s a rare effect, seeing it came from a superhero movie.

(This review contains spoilers!)

Directed by James Mangold, Logan tells the story of older and weary Wolverine, who voluntarily took the job of taking care the elderly and senile Charles Xavier. The year was 2029, mutants were scarce, and Logan was a car rental driver. Even sadder, his healing power had diminished as well. So had Xavier’s telepathic/telekinetic ability.

It’s sufficient to say that this world had become depressing.

Logan marks the end of an era as Hugh Jackman has announced that this is the last time he would portray the adamantium-clawed mutant. It’s been 17 years since he embarked on the X-Men journey. As Wolverine is the only main superhero character that hasn’t been rebooted or recast, he deserves more than merely oral or written appraisals, like I’m doing right now. As hard as it was, letting go of the claws that help define his career must have felt right after all these years.


The film was heartbreaking in many ways. See, Logan was planning to buy a boat for him and Charles (and probably Caliban, too). They were going away, because Charles had become too dangerous to anyone around him, thanks to a neurodegenerative disease he was suffering (had to look that up from Wikipedia). He couldn’t control his powers which would lead into a disastrous event. Little did he remember, such event already happened at his own school, killing everyone except Logan.

Watching Logan taking care of Charles was also bittersweet. It’s really like a father-and-son bonding moment. After all they had gone through, it’s like we’re finally seeing a humane side of their lives. It’s poignant and beautiful at the same time. I couldn’t hold back my tears in those moments!

logan review

Then X-23/Laura entered their lives. Remember the after-credit scene in X-Men: Apocalypse? (Read my review of that movie here.) That’s where the experiments on mutants started. Laura was practically Logan’s daughter, born with a part of his DNA. She was everything Logan was, only she’s barely a teenager. It was a bit terrifying to say the least, to see her showing the abilities. Mind you, this film had an R rating, so they really held nothing back with all those gory scenes. Including the ones with Laura. She’s cute but ruthless.

logan review

After that, deaths started to arrive. First target was the bad guys. Then an innocent family. Then Professor X was gone too, killed by Logan’s clone. It broke my heart when Logan told him, “It wasn’t me,” as he was carrying him away.

Soon enough, the title character died too.

What I loved about Logan:

  1. The more humane, more personal story
  2. There was more family orientation to it
  3. Ace performances from the actors
  4. Charles’ jokes and entertaining behavior (at times)
  5. Laura’s calm and happy face
  6. The fact that after all these years, Hugh’s still got it
  7. Laura’s similarity to Eleven (Stranger Things) as my friend pointed out
  8. Logan and Laura’s relationship, that gradually grew from indifference to father/daughter love
  9. Logan didn’t die by killing himself
  10. It may pave the way to new X-Men spin-offs with the little mutants

What I didn’t love about Logan:

  1. None

Just so you know, I don’t like Marvel films. And maybe the characters too. I like darker stories like the ones DC provides. But I’ve made an exception for the X-Men ones (while they’re Marvel characters, the films come from a different production house, which I greatly appreciate). And I hope they will wait for more than just a couple years to produce a reboot to Wolverine. I’m sure many fans are not ready to let go of Hugh’s portrayal just yet.

I loved everything about the film. 5/5 for Logan! Although I feel like they could have gone without killing the character (I suppose it’s the only way to prevent the what-ifs of Hugh’s coming back), I was satisfied with how it ended. It’s truly the end of an era.

Have you seen the movie? What did you think of it? What are the things that you loved/hated about it?

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